Vianne Savoli

“The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.” ― Pablo Picasso

Born in Iran in 1979, raised in the Netherlands and based in Paris, Vianne Savoli is an oil painter, author, a former TV presenter and a former investment banker.

Her style is inspired by the Belle-Epoque, the 1920's spirit. Living through the 20's but in a different century, Vianne combines elements of the "New Objectivity" art movement of the early 20st century, the post-expressionism and pop-art with the contemporary issues of our era. The paintings are put together like scenes from a movie with a narrative, characters and details combining the real and unreal, and are animated by Vianne's direct experiences, politics, literature, philosophy, opera as well as the pop-culture and the social and psychological questions.

As a disciple of Carl Gustave Jung, Vianne works often on existential subjects with origines in the human psyche, and a vocabulary expressed by esoteric symbols with roots in the mythology. Allegories of a hidden reality, the paintings hint to the unseen, hence the absence of the eyes.

Human figurations play a central role in the compositions; the censored face is compensated with an expression that is bold and extravagant. What the face does not express, the expressive silhouettes and detached postures, expressing a certain mockery of the rules of the man-made system, narrating stories, with a non-conformism that cannot be told in real life.

Vianne's characters do not have hair as a protest to the mandatory veil imposed on women.

Vianne Savoli Signature